Do Your Due Diligence, Says Crowd Sector CEO

Photograph of Gary Robins

Equity crowdfunding is doing extremely well in the UK, but that's no excuse to let standards slip, says Gary Robins. The founder and CEO of Growthdeck, which launched in January, is on a mission to raise standards in the sector.

The speed and low cost of crowdfunding platforms are impressive, but what benefit is a cost base without a profitable exit?

Equity for Apps: Seedrs Spies Trend

A clock in front of an office building.

Crowdfunding platform Seedrs sees a growth market in app-makers raising equity. Smartphone apps meet the needs of time-poor people who value instant access to information on the go.

"Many of us simply don't have the same amount of spare time that we used to have" said Seedrs founder Jeff Lynn, discussing the results of a survey conducted on the Seedrs own community.

Shareholders Punish Lending Club For Scandal

Lending Club share price over 4th-9th May

From seven dollars on Friday  to not much more than four.

Lending Club shareholders have responded to yesterday's resignation and admissions of wrongdoing by dumping the stock in large quantities.  The shares fell alarmingly quickly on Monday's announcement, and recovered some of their value by the end of the day, only to take another steep fall as soon as trading opened on Tuesday,