Millennials Are Changing The Rules Of Investment

Young Indian men in computer bookshop

Millennials understand peer-to-peer lending: the immediacy, the high returns, the improved ethics. Their investment habits could be the key to eeconomic growth in India, where 64% of the working age population will be within the 20-35 age group by 2021.

We look at this growing cohort of young educated professionals, and how they like to invest.

It's Trading Tuesday! Seedrs Secondary Market

A trading fair with chat and deals in full swing

Investors in startup equity can find their money tied up for long periods waiting for an exit. Now, crowdfuniding platform Seedrs has decided to pilot a secondary market, in which investors who have bought through Seedrs can trade parts of their portfolio with one another.

The idea came about because the platform observed that its users were already discussing private trades in internal chat rooms.