P2P Loans Less Risky Than Quoted Shares, says CEO

Nicola Horlick

Investors have been eyeing up peer-to-peer loans since the Bank of England cut interest rates last month, looking for a better rate of return than they can get in a savings account. Moneywise reported that seven in 10 of its users would consider using  P2P lending to boost their savings.

Now, the Chief Executive of a peer-to-peer lending firm has given an interview claiming that peer-to-peer loans are less risky than trading equities  on the stock market.

Regulation and Innovation in Euro Crowdfunding

Flags of 27 nations

What kind of regulation does crowdfunding need?, To stimulate growth, protect us from criminals and allow us to experiment with innovative business models? Alternative finance needs to work at scale. That means small scale, as well as big scale. 

Deals of five, ten, or twenty-five thousand don't need to be weighed down with regulations that were designed to protect hundreds of millions. That's been causing a lot of grief in the USA, where small equity raises are still very expensive.

IoT could Boost Crowd Renewables, says Grid Boss

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Crowdfunded renewable energy projects could come into their own once the Internet of Things (IoT) takes off, according to the CEO of the National Grid.

Green energy advocates were dismissed as 'anti-capitalist' by a government minister, and some people have been worried that energy startups might find it difficult to pay their investors the returns they expect. But help is at hand in an entirely separate area of innovation.