Fear, Hope, No Clarity in Brexit Startups Survey

Vote Leave campaigners in city street

The results are in from the first survey of UK startup's attitudes to Brexit. We could cherry-pick some statistics and tell you everything's going to be alright, or that everything's going to be terrible.

What we think the data says is that startup entrepreneurs are a resilient bunch, and tend to be optimistic. Nobody really knows for sure, but they want to do is carry on. 

P2P Platforms Can Scale or Specialise

Diagram of Porter's five competitive forces

What makes an alternative lending platform sustainable? Borrowers, lenders, liquidity and reputation all matter. Today we look at the suggestion that two survival strategies are to scale up (get bigger) or to specialise.

There's no surprise in this to anybody who ever read Michael Porter on strategy and competition. Lending platforms are experiencing growing pains, and their business models are evolving. And the banks, who used to dominate this sector and may want to do in future, have plans of their own.