Investors Say Less EU, More AI

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Will robots make Brexit a success? An expert investment panel asked this in London recently. The Smith & Williamson Artificial Intelligence Fund is less than six months old, but if our country needs a supply of hard workers who are more popular than the Polish or Portuguese, maybe robots are the answer.

Implications of Brexit For Equity Funding

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The British Venture Capital Association (BVCA) has invested, through its member firms, £27bn in around 4,000 UK-based companies. What impact can we expect the UK's departure from the EU to have on patterns of private equity fund raising and investing?

Today we'd like to draw your attention to a short, personal, but very well-informed blog post from Oxford University's Faculty of Law.

Investors Respond to Brexit - New Survey

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The impact of Brexit on the alternative finance market is the subject of a new report by law firm Allen and Overy. Their survey quizeed over 350 respondents, half of whom were investors and half of whom were large or medium-sized corporate borrowers across six European markets.

It's apparent that there isn't a single answer to the question "what difference does Brexit make?". There are difficulties for some, opportunities for others, and a fair amount of indifference and "don't know".