TV Sitcom Asks the Crowd

Raised by Wolves cast photo and Kickstarter announcement

A popular TV programme has decided to raise money from crowdfunding to make a third series, after Channel Four declined to re-commission it.  Is this the start of a trend?

We've already seen companies like Wet Zebra and Unbound do it with books, so why shouldn't the crowd replace TV commissioning?

Times 'Scandal' draws response from Nesta

We were pleased to see the letters page of this morning's Times includes a letter from Peter Baeck, a full-time crowdfunding reseacher with Nesta, pointing out the shortcomings of yesterday's 'Crowdfunding is a scandal waiting to happen' article.  

Nesta logo

Nesta (formerly NESTA, the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts) has been responsible for some leading-edge research into crowdfunding, collaborating with the University of Cambridge and UC Berkeley, among others.  The opinions of its researchers are very well respected.