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Exit, Pursued By Bulls

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Equity crowdfunding can't call itself a success unless it delivers retuns for investors. These can be in the form of dividends or the chance to sell. This week, Syndicate Room announces the profitable sale of a startup that raised on the platform.

Investors and Owners Are On The Same Side

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Startups need intelligent investors and equity crowdfunding needs to match personalities and skills, as well as capital and appetite for risk.

Nobody wants to surround themselves with stroppy people asking dumb questions. But intelligent questions, and working out the answers to them, are part of what makes a company succeed. If you're a business owner looking for equity investors, consider what you stand to gain from having one or two investors with seats on the board, acting as your advisors, and on your side because they have an equity stake.

Transparency In Equity Crowdfunding

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Who is responsible for transparency in equity crowdfunding? asks a piece in Thursday's CityAM.

We're shocked. You might as well ask: who is responsible for information?

A variety of people in the business - entrepreneurs, platforms, investors - are responsible for collecting information and publishing it. Everybody is responsible for filtering information and evaluating it. And transparency describes a market in which deals are done between people who all have access to the best quality information.

Pronto Shuts Down - Founder Admits Defeat

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Pronto, the food delivery service that raised £800,000 on Seedrs four months ago, has closed its doors. Founder James Poulter is quite candid with investors about the difficulties the business has experienced. Now that options have been exhausted, the company will wind down in a way that minimises investors' losses and enables them to gain EIS and SEIS reliefs.