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What we learned when we raised from the crowd

This is a founder's story, from Brighton, about a company that went to the crowd to raise equity for a smartphone app. Nicole Carman worries that many of us are becoming addicted to our gadgets, and would appreciate some help. Her solution? A gadget that helps us to be mindful about the way we use technology, and helps us to improve our behaviour.

Glued's family using their phones and tablets

Nicole's company, wittily named Glued.to, has made an app that helps families to monitor their daily screen time on laptops, phones, and other gadgets, and helps them reduce device usage and make it more positive.

Crowdfunding Gamekeeper Turns Poacher?

A long time critic of crowdfunding has, we understand, changed sides, and is launching a consultancy to help SMEs raise capital.

Hunter shooting at ducks

Crowdfund Insider calls Rob Murray Brown a 'gadfly'. We've been reading his blog 'Fantasy Equity Crowdfunding' for some time now, we but have never dared link to any of his posts, because his opinions are forthright, to say the least.

The Risks Of Equity Crowdfunding

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Crowdfunding represents a massive change to the way businesses raise funding, and one criticism that is worth taking seriously is that the changes haven't been throught through. That's a risk inherent in innovation; the players in the crowdfunding sector are making it up as they go along.

The Rise Of The Social Shareholder

a social gathering of shareholders

As more people invest in unlisted secutities, it's no surpise that social platforms should evolve to serve social shareholders. This week we learned that Capdesk, a Danish startup, will be opening an office in London in February.

“The identity (of) a shareholder is changing – return on investment is no longer the sole motivator to invest, it is also about the experience. Capdesk accommodates this change and encourages founders and investors to explore synergies to help the business.” Casper Arboll, co-founder.

Early Stage Equity: Fantasists v Realists

Equity crowdfunding is a new trend, an alternative or a complement to angel investing and venture capital (VC). Advocates of crowd equity talk about bringing new money to the table and the opportunities for ordinary investors who aren't high net worth individuals (HNWIs) or what the regulators call "sophisticated" investors. There's an active debate about how equity crowdfunding fits in and how it might change the playing field.

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EIS crowd offered liquidity in virtual exchange

Equity crowd investors expect to hold their shares come rain, come shine, but an innovative platform from Mercia Fund Management (MFM) will allow investors to make offers for one other's holdings and negotiate transactions in unlisted assets that would otherwise be "not readily realisable" (which is the regulator's jargon for "hard to get rid of".)

Mercia invested in Impression Technologies

Mercia invested in Impression Technologies