Investors Respond to Brexit - New Survey

Bar chart of investors' intentions

The impact of Brexit on the alternative finance market is the subject of a new report by law firm Allen and Overy. Their survey quizeed over 350 respondents, half of whom were investors and half of whom were large or medium-sized corporate borrowers across six European markets.

It's apparent that there isn't a single answer to the question "what difference does Brexit make?". There are difficulties for some, opportunities for others, and a fair amount of indifference and "don't know".

Regulation and Innovation in Euro Crowdfunding

Flags of 27 nations

What kind of regulation does crowdfunding need?, To stimulate growth, protect us from criminals and allow us to experiment with innovative business models? Alternative finance needs to work at scale. That means small scale, as well as big scale. 

Deals of five, ten, or twenty-five thousand don't need to be weighed down with regulations that were designed to protect hundreds of millions. That's been causing a lot of grief in the USA, where small equity raises are still very expensive.

EU Shows Support for Crowdfunding

Brussels bar at night

The European Commission has declared its support for equity crowdfunding as an alternative source of finance for Europe's start-ups. The EC has worked out what the UK has known for a while, that an innovation which connects savings to growth and improves the flow of funding to businesses merits the wholehearted support of government.

We'll drink to that