Crowdcube's Annual Report Is Impressive

A man's hands turning the pages of a report.

We're used to reading stories about successful equity raises on Crowdcube - there were 29 of those in the first quarter of 2017, raising around £23 million. But Exeter's equity boys just published their latest annual report, which tells us what the company looks like from the point of view of the equity platforms owners, rather than its customers.

Create Value: Returns Will Flow

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Another Crowd focuses on investment-grade crowdfunding that generates a financial return for project backers. But we say value is the key to creating superior returns. It seems our friends at equity platform SyndicateRoom are thinking along similar lines.

Collaboration - A Founder's Perspective

Mary McKenna is the founder of Learning Pool, a successful E-Learning company in Derry, Co. Antrim. With the business now flourishing in its eleventh year, Mary is a mentor and angel investor active in Ulster, the Republic of Ireland, and mainland UK.

Mary McKenna, Irish entrepreneur and angel investor

In the latest post on her blog Kicking Assets, she talks about the importance of collaboration when growing a business. Investors who value a strong management team, and look for longevity and sustainability in a company's talent, contracts, and relationships with  suppliers, distruptors and key partners, will find Mary's advice worthwhile reading, we're sure.