Fintech Is Fast, nimble, Innovative

technology and talent are transforming finance

If you wonder what the fuss is about Fintech, here's a very simple thought: new companies are developing services at a rapid rate unthinkable to the world's banks. Investors like what they see, because even with failures there's a very strong chance of newcomers capturing enormous market share.

Can We Trust Financial Technology? Do We?

Savers and investors are nervous about fintech. Even people who would trust a robot to perform heart surgery on them wouldn't let it manage their bank account.

Maybe they're right to feel that way. When we go into the operating theatre we just want the doctors to take out the nasty thing and prolong our life, please.  Our decisions about money are more about our goals, plans and personal tastes;But doesn't that beg the question, why do we trust human financial advisers? Are they really smarter than us?

Innovation, Marketing, and Testing

A Brompton bicycle folded, against a brick wall.

Crowdfunding new product development can be a good idea for investors because it allows you to get some working capital to make a prototype without having to convince people that your product is feasible and sufficiently different to attract customers. If you find  big enough crowd to fund your prototype, your Phase One can be your R&D as well as your market research.