Deloitte, Peer-to-Peer and the Banks

Deloitte building, Fetter Lane, London

A major new report on peer-to-peer lending hit our desks on Monday. Consulting firm Deloitte analyses the sector, and concludes that disruption will be minimal, and the banks will continue to control the business, or almost all the important business.

We think it's worth our while looking in depth at Deloitte's analysis, and we will offer articles from several different perspectives over the next few days.

We think it's worth our while looking in depth at Deloitte's analysis, and we will offer articles from several different perspectives over the next few days.

Here is the first.

Crowdnetic's Crowdfinance - The View From Europe

In crowdfunding and alternative finance, Europe leads the world, and the UK leads Europe. We're grateful to the data solutions wizards Crowdnetic, for this panel session, filmed in New York City, and published earlier this week. 

Delivered to an American audience it provides an overview of crowd investment in Europe. But if you're European, we think you'll enjoy the variety of voices, and the strength in depth offered by ArchoverAssetz CapitalBondora, and  Money&Co..

Nicola Horlick Talks Crowdfunding

Nicola Horlick, CEO of Money and Co

Our event on Monday covered equity and debt crowdfunding, and the full range of investment opprotunities for financing businesses of different sizes, at different levels of maturity.

Ed Bowsher, of ShareRadio, mediated a session for us, and Nicola Horlick of Money & Co. gave a one-on-one interview which was broadcast today, in ShareRadio's 'Crowdfunders' slot.

To listen to the full interview, click the 'Read More' link

Mail Moves To Redress Scaremonger Balance

Another Crowd is openly positive about crowdfunding, but our convictions are based on evidence. Our editorial policy is to introduce our readers to facts and ideas that will help them to think for themselves and make better investment decisions.

We appreciate well-informed scepticism, but we've seen rather too many articles we could summarise as "New Things Are  Dangerous: Be Afraid of Them."

a young man on a wall, balancing or kicking out

Balanced? Or taking aim at crowdfunding?

This week,  we were happy to see an article in This Is Money that we hope signals a change of heart in that journal's reporting of crowd investment.

General Awareness of P2P Lending Grows - But The Details Are Devilish

crowd crowdfunding

Awareness of peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is increasing, but people don't fully understand how it works, and aren't aware they could lose money, or have to pay tax on their earnings, according to a survey funded by the Yorkshire Building Society.

There is some feeling in the crowdfunding industry that the survey is a piece of scaremongering. After all, banks and building societies currently offer savings products with yields at or close to historic lows. The survey focuses on awareness of security - an area where deposit-type savings accounts benefit from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Let's examine the survey.

Yorkshire Building Society logo

Yorkshire Building Society comissioned research through YouGov in January to test the public's awareness of peer to peer lending. Out of a random sample of 1,541 UK adults, 42 per cent said YES, they had heard of this new financial service. But when tested on how much they knew about it, the poll revealed that relatively few fully understood the detail of how P2P lending actually works.