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Mr. Sensible and The Spending Devil

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What motivates millennial investors?  We care, so we asked one to write for us.

As a young, working 22-year old recently catapulted into real life from the cushy comforts of University, I wanted to write a piece to share my early experiences of investing, what I like, what motivates me, and what my strategy is for the long term.

Flaws In US P2P Lenders' Business Models

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The financial press is asking difficult questions about US marketplace lenders' business models. Are Wall Street's favourites heading for a fall? What does that mean for the UK peer-to-peer lenders?

Another Crowd unpicks the Financial Times' 'doomsday extrapolations' and concludes the typical British SME could teach America's banking sector a few lessons in how to run a business.

How Risky Is Peer-to-Peer Lending?

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Peer-to-peer lending attracts people looking for higher returns, but many people are put off by the risks involved. But one size doesn't have to fit all.

Asset-backed loans are less risky for the lender. If the borrower has difficulty making the repayments, the lenders have the legal right to take some of the borrower's assets, and sell them to make up the payments.

Mixed Messages From Government on Peer-to-Peer

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We're reading confusing reports from the Ministry of Mixed Messages (a.k.a. the Whitehall Civil Service) this morning. The taxman is wondering how to tax interest on peer-to-peer to lending, and could impose costly system changes on platorms.  HM Treasury meanwhile, is wondering what to do about encouraging savers to put more money into IFISAs

Securitisation Adds Resilience to P2P Lending

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Six months after Deutsche Bank poached Funding Circle's VP of Capital Markets, the peer-to-peer lender has hired Deutsche Bank as the sole arranger of its first securitisation. CityAM's Harriet Green tipped this as a trend to watch out for, only a week ago.

The DB - FC  offering will be the first securitisation of P2P loans in Europe. There have been earlier adoptions in the USA, as evidenced by this article from Alt-Fi News. So we thought we would try and explain what all the fuss is about.

IFISA Countdown - 1 Week To Go!

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With a week to go, the introduction of the Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA) is proceeding with all the frenzy of a glacier sliding down a mountain. We've noticed some good news, some constructive criticism and some useful advice for investor thinking about dipping their toe in the water.