Equity Crowdfunding - What Does Success Look Like?

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What counts as success in equity crowdfunding? Investors need to know what they can expect. Startup investing can be a long process, with multiple stages. The company may have no revenue, so it won't be paying dividends.

It will be a long before the shares are listed on any exchange, or an over-the-counter market (OTC), so your investment will be 'not readily realisable.' (That's the regulator's jargon for saying that you're stuck with it, and you'll be lucky if you can find a buyer.)

Fear, Hope, No Clarity in Brexit Startups Survey

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The results are in from the first survey of UK startup's attitudes to Brexit. We could cherry-pick some statistics and tell you everything's going to be alright, or that everything's going to be terrible.

What we think the data says is that startup entrepreneurs are a resilient bunch, and tend to be optimistic. Nobody really knows for sure, but they want to do is carry on. 

Another Reason Women Win In The Crowd

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Investment crowdfunding attracts a more diverse range of investors and entrepeneurs. Women feel at home in the crowd, far more than the old-school male-dominated VC communities which used to be the way to raise fund.

Today we focus on another reason women win in the crowd, with evidence taken from research conducted by two US business schools, UC Berkeley and Northwestern

Collaboration - A Founder's Perspective

Mary McKenna is the founder of Learning Pool, a successful E-Learning company in Derry, Co. Antrim. With the business now flourishing in its eleventh year, Mary is a mentor and angel investor active in Ulster, the Republic of Ireland, and mainland UK.

Mary McKenna, Irish entrepreneur and angel investor

In the latest post on her blog Kicking Assets, she talks about the importance of collaboration when growing a business. Investors who value a strong management team, and look for longevity and sustainability in a company's talent, contracts, and relationships with  suppliers, distruptors and key partners, will find Mary's advice worthwhile reading, we're sure.

UK Startups Want To Stay In Europe

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Britain's startup entrepreneurs value our membership of the EU and will be voting 'Remain' in the refrendum, according to a survey published today.

The survey was conducted by Coadec, the Coalition for a Digital Economy, which was founded by tech entrepreneurs and  campaigns for government policies that support digital startups and help them contribute to the UK's economic growth.

The Rise Of The Social Shareholder

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As more people invest in unlisted secutities, it's no surpise that social platforms should evolve to serve social shareholders. This week we learned that Capdesk, a Danish startup, will be opening an office in London in February.

“The identity (of) a shareholder is changing – return on investment is no longer the sole motivator to invest, it is also about the experience. Capdesk accommodates this change and encourages founders and investors to explore synergies to help the business.” Casper Arboll, co-founder.

Too Much Excitement?

Is crowdfunding the small investor’s most exciting option? According to coverage in the Investors Chronicle (IC) it very well might be.

“Buying shares in tiny start-up companies and watching them grow makes investing in ordinary shares and funds feel tame. So if you're a stock market big-return hunter looking for a new pastime, then crowdfunding could be your new best friend,” opines the IC