EIS: A Guide For Investors

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The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) appeals to investors in equity crowdfunding, unlisted and growth SMEs. If you have an equity portfolio, EIS will help you keep more of your returns after tax and mitigate risk and any losses you might make.

The new guide to the scheme from the EIS Association is a valuable introduction for smart investors and anyone discovering equity crowdfunding.

Pension Crowd Discovers EIS and SEIS

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Equity crowdfunders have known for a long time the value of the government-backed Enterprise and Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS and SEIS).Now, following recent changes made by the Chalncellor of the Exchequer, early stage companies may find they can attract funding from wealthy individuals saving towards their retirement.

Mixed Messages From Government on Peer-to-Peer

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We're reading confusing reports from the Ministry of Mixed Messages (a.k.a. the Whitehall Civil Service) this morning. The taxman is wondering how to tax interest on peer-to-peer to lending, and could impose costly system changes on platorms.  HM Treasury meanwhile, is wondering what to do about encouraging savers to put more money into IFISAs