HSBC Trust in Technology Report

HSBC's new report, Trust in Technology, is based on original research into customers' attitudes about financial technology. Fintech changes the way that banks interact with their customers, and as a leading global bank, HSBC needs to understands customers' opinions and expectations.

This report is an exploration of the state of trust in technology.

Can We Trust Financial Technology? Do We?

Savers and investors are nervous about fintech. Even people who would trust a robot to perform heart surgery on them wouldn't let it manage their bank account.

Maybe they're right to feel that way. When we go into the operating theatre we just want the doctors to take out the nasty thing and prolong our life, please.  Our decisions about money are more about our goals, plans and personal tastes;But doesn't that beg the question, why do we trust human financial advisers? Are they really smarter than us?