AI Wizardry In The Future Of Home Delivery

two scientists working on the chassis of a robot vehicle.

Equity crowdfunding could bring driverless delivery to your home in the near future, and make a tidy sum of money for its investors if artificial intelligence reduces the costs of pointing exactly where a parcel needs to go.

Serial entrepreneur Pasi William Sachiti spent some of the proceeds his three previous successful startups on a degree in robotics at Aberystwyth University, and has just launched an equity round on Crowdcube.

William's new firm,  Academy of Robotics, is now seeking £300,000 in exchange for 15.38% equity. He and his colleagues won the InvEnter Prize in March. The company has formed partnerships, including the scientists who worked vision systems for the Mars Rover, and Pilgrim, a  UK car manufacturerwhich has made custom cars for over 30 years

We can't comment on the risks involved in this business, but the science looks quite thrilling. Our teenage 2000AD-reading selves say "Zarjaz!" Our sober, grown-up investor selves say  don't get carried away, You should consider the downside as well as the upside; read the details carefully, and make sure you understand what assets and liabilities you will own, and on what terms.