Alternative Finance - What's In A Name?

Alternative finance: there's a better to get to where you want to go

Crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending are getting bigger. They offer people and business services they can't get from the banks.  Another Crowd says, more power to them. Don't settle for less.

We read a piece in City AM yesterday suggesting that alternative finance is now mainstream, and maybe people should stop using the name 

"Alternative finance is badly named. This label suggests that opting for financing routes without involving the big banks is unconventional or “out there”.

"But that’s certainly no longer the case, as people increasingly recognise the benefits of these smaller, more nimble businesses."

We're not rejecting the values of society.

This is not how we understand the term 'alternative finance'  In this context, 'alternative' is a signal for "you don't have to put up with being treated badly." Newer, different better solutions are available, to problems that many people and small businesses experience. It is not an alternative lifestyle rejecting the values of society, nor is it something teenagers watch on YouTube in their bedrooms. 

Alternative finance is not mainstream, not by a long way. There are far too many people who haven't heard about it, are nervous about it, or simply don't practice it. But the problems are real, and widespread, and solutions to those problems are being developed and improved.

That's what 'alternative' means to us: You have choices. You don't have to put up with what you were offered last time. (You don't even have to wait until your bank says 'No' !)

As long as people have problems and look for fresh choices, alternative finance will continue to grow. We've only just begun.