CF Conferences: Never Rains, But Pours...

It never rains, but it pours. 

As recently as March this year we saw the very first Alternative Finance Summit (Alt Fi), attended by FundingKnight CEO, Graeme Marshall, who spoke on a panel discussing business lending debate. Conferences of this sort were once a raroty. Now they're becoming ubiquitous.

Marchall soon reappeared at an Investors Chronicle seminar in May 

"The event aims to help investors understand how the peer-to-peer lending sector can contribute to a robust investment portfolio. Topics to be discussed throughout the afternoon will include the recent changes to the sector including the recent Financial Conduct Authority regulation and how P2P lending can offer you an alternative to traditional investment methods," says FundingKnight, one of the more aggressive marketers in the nascent industry.

CEO Marshall "will be speaking at the event, giving his perspective on the state of the market and how it will evolve amongst other compelling insights. Graeme will explore how peer-to-business lending works for the investor, covering the associated benefits such as earning a great rate of return on your cash."

This will not be the last P2P or P2B conference we see - expect a deluge!