News from Another Crowd

Crowd Funding At The Speed Of Bitcoin - Lighthouse

Start Point Lighthouse, Devon, UK

BitPay, the bitcoin processor that allows online retailers to accept bitcoin but get local currency almost instantly into their local bank accounts, has just announced what promises to be a major leap forward in identity management and internet security - BitAuth.

BitAuth is a technology that allows you to keep your web site password securely stored on your local computer and prevents the login in process from being attacked by computers listening in on the Internet inbetween using bitcoin technology. The winner of what effectively was a "crowdingfunding platform" prize was announced - Lighthouse. Moreover, when Lighthouse is released it will be open-source. In other words, it will be free for anybody to use, not necessarily with bitcoin.

The Music of the Crowd

Crowd of music fans

Is it us, or is there something geeky about musos and the folk who hang around musos? The answer is, of course, that it’s not us – they are geeks. But geekery is a self-isolating, highly selective business, clearly.