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Santander Funding Circle Link-Up Excites

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Columnist Anthony Hilton gets excited in The Evening Standard about a new deal between Funding Circle, arguably the leading player in today’s crowdfunding market, and Santander. Hilton is one of several commentators arguing that the link-up has the potential to revolutionise lending to small and medium-sized companies in the UK.

Banks, says Hilton, can’t make small-business loans pay.

Indiegogo Is Coming to UK

Go Crowdfund Britain Badge

Indiegogo is finally coming to the UK. By most measures, Indiegogo is the world’s biggest crowdfunding platform, and UK is the fastest-growing crowdfunding market.

“The initiative hopes to be the catalyst for £1m worth of investment into Britain’s best ideas, coolest inventions, and brightest young businesses. It doesn’t matter if that’s 1,000 campaigns of £1,000, 10 campaigns of £100,000, or one campaign of £1,000,000,” reports Indiegogo’s “media partner”, TechCityNews.

“Go Crowdfund Britain” features a UK-wide crowdfunding tour, taking in ten cities over three weeks.

FCA Needed to Overcome Funding Gap

Crowdfunding is generating excitement of “fever-pitch” levels, but it needs to be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), according to Richard Martin of Central Union Partners (CUP). CUP is a consultancy providing alternative financing for property projects and investments and linked to peer-to-peer platform ThinCats.