Equity for Apps: Seedrs Spies Trend

A clock in front of an office building.

Crowdfunding platform Seedrs sees a growth market in app-makers raising equity. Smartphone apps meet the needs of time-poor people who value instant access to information on the go, so they can things done in a coffee break, in between meetings, or in a bus or the back of a taxi.

We reported a case study in February of an app-maker raising money on Seerds: 'What we learned when we raised from the crowd'. Ironically, that was for Glued, a smartphone app aimed at families who are glued to their phones and tablets and want to find more time for each other.  

Last week, Blow LTD,  an on-demand styling and beauty salon aimed at women who are time-poor but evidently up-market,  started its second raise on Seedrs. (The round is still open at time of writing, but remember your capital is at risk, and your nails may get shorter as well as longer.) We wonder if that's what prompted the research.

Many of us don't have spare time

"Many of us simply don't have the same amount of spare time that we used to have" says Seedrs founder Jeff Lynn, discussing the results of a survey conducted on 99 UK investors and entrepreneurs from the Seedrs online community.

Two-thirds of respondendents said they have less spare personal time than 5 years ago. (What do you expect , if you're a startup entrepreneur!  Actually, the reasons are more varied.)  Only 32% said they are working longer hours; 13%  say having children has denied them their free time; while 18% say they have no idea where their free time has gone.

Full marks to Jeff and his team at Seedrs - you may have spotted a social trend that you can make a bit of money out of.