Equity Crowdfunding Tips For Business Owners

Investors meet entreprenurs and a deal is struck with a handhake

Startup owners preparing to approach the crowd for funds might benefit from the advice of an investor.  What do you and your company look like to the people on the other side of the table? Some tips for beginners.

These ideas come from BetaKit, a Canadian website, but they're all important ideas that apply in the UK. You don't need to take notes (it's not that level of detail) but these are all good ideas that a small business owner should have in their mind when they talk to prospective investors.

  1. Pick a legal structure that works for you.
    (Horses for courses; you have choices.)
  2. Choose the right platform.
    (You may not know this, but there are quite significant differences between the way different equity crowdfunding platforms operate.)
  3. Work with the platform
    (They want you to succeed and they will have tools and services to support you.)
  4. Do a lot of networking
    (Seek out like-minded investors and get to know them.)

If you find this helpful, consider reading the full article on BetaKit.