Fintech: From Disruption To Partnership

Fintech: technology combines with intelligence to provide better services

Fintech is a threat to banks and financial service companies - but only if they don't innovate. Shrewd Fintech fimrms are marketing to banks, and telling them how they can deploy Fintech in their own firms to defend market share and implement new strategies

The Bank Administration Institute (BAI) has a free ten-page document on the challenge for incumbent banks. If you're interested in investing in fintech, this may give you some ideas about where revenue streams are going to come from, and which fintech providers could take advantage of them.

The Bank Administration Institute is a nonprofit organization that provides research, training, and thought leadership events for the financial services industry. This is a free extract of a longer report which is obtainable from the BAI website.

We have embedded the report here for our readers' convenience. You should be able to view it on most modern browsers, as long as your computer, tablet or phone has a PDF reader configured.

If you have any questions for the team who produced the report, or you any difficulty reading the document here, please visit the BAI website.