A Fintech Mayor for London?

young men pitching to a startup bootcamp

London chooses a new mayor on 5th May, and Labour candidate Sadiq Khan has announced a manifesto designed to make him the favourite of London's startups and technology innovators.

His 'Mainfesto For All Londoners', published Wednesday,  skills, infrastructure, propose a tech pipeline, Like many London politicians before him says he is 'determined to be pro-business", but pleasingly (to us at least) his view of London's businesses embraces startups and SMEs, and not just multinational giants like Goldman Sachs and Google.

He seems to understand that people who work in startups need public transport, and childcare, and offices that are close to their homes. (Investors may not realise this, but your returns are underwritten by the entrepreneurs' willingness to work a late night and send out for pizza at 1:00 a.m. ) 

The news is likely to affect Londoner's perceptions of the Euro Referendum as well, where the incumbent mayor Boris Johnson, generally a friend of the tech sector, is a prominent voice calling for Britain to leave. London's tech startups are optimistic and pro-European, and nervous of Brexit. According to recent opinion polls almost ninety percent are in favour of remaining in the EU.  

A tech-friendly campaign in the mayoral elections could help reinforce pro-European sentiments across the capital.

UPDATE: 13:15

British Influence graphic showing Labour support for EU

British Influence, a think-tank that advocates a more active role for Britain in global affairs, just tweeted this graphic which shows all the main political parties' level of support for Europe. 

As with any important decision, please look at the evidence, and make up your own mind.