Future of TV Is In The Crowd

screens on a television mixing desk

Source: University of Central Lancashire

In the future, more ansd more television programmes will funded by the audience, and may go straight to the web, bypassing conventional TV channels.

Our authority for this is ? Not Wired magazine, or some geeky blog, but the Radio Times.

We've seen something like this start to happen with book publishing - one of the SME case studies at Another Crowd's first conference was Wet Zebra Media, an independent publishing house that has replaced the editorial committee with votes from the crowd.

Swerve the commissioning process

If writers can find an audience for thir writing, why wait for a commission?  And why shouldn't writers be good at finding their own audience? The Radio Times interviewed Caitlin Moran, who created the Channel 4 sitcom 'Raised By Wolves' and also writes for HBO series 'Girls'.  We're pretty sure Ms. Moran has a better feeling for what young, savvy women want to see in a TV drama than.. well, men in their fifties. (Disclaimer: Another Crowd's available stock of daughters declined to be drawn into a conversation on this topic.)  

"Any writer/actor/comedian with a solid fanbase will be able to swerve the terrestrial commissioning process and go straight to their fanbase, as has happened in the music industry, and is starting to happen in the US." Ms. Moran told Radio Times

"This also allows "creators" greater freedom in what they write about/how they write about it, and seems to be the most obvious and rapid way to address the still-notable under-representation of people of colour, women and the working classes. Audiences will, in effect, become commissioners."

Caitlin Moran: Crowd-funded online TV shows are the future - Radio Times

We may be in the final hour for traditional television commissioning. Netflix and Amazon are providing new channels. Soon, the crowd may be the new intermediary between the writers, the audiences, and the production houses.