Growing Businesses, Growing our Economy

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The UK’s entrepreneurial ecosystem cannot survive without entrepreneurial success, otherwise the rewards of being an entrepreneur and the returns on investing in start-ups remain insufficient. Over the last decade the UK has experienced the first crucial act – a start-up revolution. The second act will need to be a scale-up revolution."

- Sherry Coutu, chair of the Scale-Up Institute, from the Foreword.

Scale-up UK:: Growing Businesses, Growing our Economy is a new peport combining research from the business schools of both Oxford and Cambridge universities.  It addresses an important policy question. Given that UK is generally accepted as being very good at producing  start-ups and early-stage investments, where are our big success stories? What must we do to translate our startup revolution into employment and economic growth?

This report was written by the business schools at the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford, with support from Barclays Bank., and was published in April 2016. We have embedded  the report here for our readers' convenience. You should be able to view it on most modern browsers, as long as your computer, tablet or phone has a PDF reader configured.

If you have any questions for the team who produced the report, or you any difficulty reading the document here, please visit the Barclays website or the Scale-Up Institute,

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