IFISA Countdown - 3 weeks to go!

screen grab of Countdown tv show
We have just three weeks to go to the start of the new tax year, when you wil be able to buy an Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA). What progress has been made in the last week?

There were no fresh scandals about the trials and tribulations of obtaining regulatory approval process. We trust that the millwheels of the FCA and the Treasury continue to grind exceedingly small.

Financial blogger 'weenie' at Quietly Saving published a nice overview of IFISA saving, with input from Michael Todt of Lending Works. If you're thinking about buying an ISA, and you'ld like to know more, without being sold a product, it's a worthwhile ten-minute read.

The chancellor increased the allowance on ISAs to £20,000 in the Budget today. This made a lot of people very happy: here's a response from Money&Co

Mind the Gender Gap (symbol)
We saw some interesting research in UK Business Insider about a gender gap in investment. Women are more likely to hold savings accounts than men (62 % compared to 55%) , but less likely to invest in stocks and shares (11% compared to 23%).

When it comes to peer-to-peer lending, 42% of men say they understand it, but only 26% of women make the same claim. We think this sounds like a confidence issue, rather than intelligence or a matter of taste.

This also sounds like a marketing opportunity for peer-to-peer platforms that know how to communicate with female investors. We may ask Nicola Horlick of Money&Co. for her opinion.