Leading Gaming Crowdfunder Re-Brands

Good Shepherd hopes crowd investors will fear no evil.

Gambitious, the first equity-based crowdfunding platform focused on video games, rebrands as Good Shepherd Entertainment. We always liked the combination of 'ambitious' with 'gaming', but maybe the Biblical moniker will bring more money to the temple.

VentureBeat spoke to Good Shepherd co-founder Mike Wilson:

"Wilson said that Gambitious did OK raising money from a network of investors and making profitable, smaller PC games. But it didn’t have a lot of resources, and the same group of executives focused more of their attention on Devolver Digital, which has become a successful indie game publisher. Wilson is preparing to focus most of his time on building out Good Shepherd to invest in external teams."

PC Games News focused on the origin of the name "Good Shepherd"

“I kept using the word ‘shepherding’ to describe what we do, even from the projects themselves, helping these developers to take ideas from concept to release,” Mike Wilson tells PCGN when asked about the name change. “I also used it to describe what we do with investors’ money, because a huge part of what we do is trying to keep new money coming into videogames, but to give them a positive experience [in the process]. I don’t think a lot of new game investors have been treated with respect and their money hasn't been respected.” 

Polygon says the rebranded company will have the same mission and format as Gambitious:

"As a hybrid publisher and investment platform, it signs up indie developers and promises them a sum of money and other forms of support in order to complete their game. Unlike other platforms, like Fig or Kickstarter, that sum is guaranteed by Good Shepherd. Shares in each project are then sold as an investment opportunity to a small group of accredited investors.

Chief creative officer Mike Wilson says Good Shepherd’s goal is to expand, and to do so they’ll need many more investors over the next year."

The lesson we take from this move? This isn't a 'pivot', but it's not 'business as usual' either. When you invest in a company that has founders with a 'vision' and a wide remit, you must follow how they focus their energies and turn them into revenue and profit. It looks like Good Shepherd had a bumpy ride as Gambitious, but the founders have channeled their ideas  

The first game to be funded by the newly branded company will be "Where the Water Tastes Like Wine", a game set in a dreamlike and fantastical American landscape, based on old American folk songs. That sounds like something old codgers like us can relate to. We may get out or Alabama3 CDs, and ask our intern to get the Sega Megadrive online.