More Female Investors Please; UKBAAs Jenny Tooth

Jenny Tooth speaking at an event
Source: Digital Catapults Centre

The CEO of the UK Business Angels Association (UKBAA), Jenny Tooth, has added her voice to the call for more female investors, and more support for female entrepreneurs, in an interview published by Business Zone.

Ms Tooth has upwards of 20 years’ experience of supporting SMEs access to investment The interview reports that her role at the head of the UKBAA (where she will celebrate five years in post in July) "has added an element of advocacy to her role as an angel investor. Aimed at education, networking and lobbying for the investment community, the UKBAA gives Tooth a unique vantage from which to survey the UK’s investment landscape."

If you want to understand why the Another Crowd are getting increasingly enthusiastic about investor education, and frustrated by the lack of it, Jenny explains it better than we could.

Jenny Tooth's mission to get more female investors in the room

"The current stats show that only 14% of angel investors are women. My mission this year is to help move that needle closer to 30%. There are so many great women in business with spare finance and expertise they could use to back other small businesses, including female entrepreneurs.

There is a growing number of women starting up their own businesses. The stats are very strong on that. But... there’s a certain perspective missing from the room. It’s a tougher world for female business owners."

We've spent enough time with women like Julia Groves and Nicola Horlick that we are prepared to work very hard to change that. Who's with us?