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Today's Briefing

1. UK – P2P


P2P Finance News reports reaction to an expected base rate rise.


“RATESETTER has said that a forecast interest rate rise on Thursday would have limited positive effects on savers and moved to reassure investors that its business model would thrive in a higher interest rate environment.

The ‘big three’ peer-to-peer lender said that an increase to the base rate from its historic low of 0.25 per cent would be “a sign of confidence in the strength of the economy and a step towards a more ‘normal’ interest rate environment”.

However, the company noted that banks traditionally do not pass on interest rate increases to savers, and even if they did, any impact would be negated by inflation.”


2. UK – P2P


Bridging & Commercial look at a mutually beneficial relationship between a P2P platform and a financial adviser.


“ThinCats has marked 18 months of working with Alderburn Finance Solutions by highlighting the importance of understanding the needs of its partners’ clients.


Neil Davidson, managing director at Edinburgh-based broker Alderburn Finance Solutions (pictured above), became a partner of the alternative finance provider in 2016.

An experienced professional in the finance industry, Neil has a track record of matching SMEs across Scotland and the North East of England with the type of funding that best suits their needs.

When asked why his partnership had been so successful over the last 18 months, Neil replied: “They think the same way as I do; I value ThinCats understanding of risk.

“While they are not lending themselves, they do ensure the loans presented to their investors are of good quality.

“This is time and effort well spent and it provides confidence and consistency to both borrower and lender.

“If the loan request is marginal, ThinCats try to work out how the deal could be done, rather than look for reasons why it shouldn’t be done.”



3. UK – Equity



Crowdfundinsider reports: "Creative robotics pioneer and Kickstarter success Joto announced on Tuesday it has extended its equity crowdfunding round on Crowdcube. The company is currently seeking £196,000 and has achieved nearly £130,000 from more than 215 investors.



4. US – FinTech


Bloomberg runs a feature on the future of FinTech.

“After the credit crisis of 2008-09, former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker quipped that the only important innovation the financial industry had come up with in the prior 20 years was the automated-teller machine. Now almost everyone is walking around with a smartphone loaded with apps to manage personal finances, cryptocurrencies have become funding vehicles for everyone from cloud technology entrepreneurs to rappers, while big banks are pondering how to put their records and conduct transactions on decentralized blockchains. Bloomberg View columnist and economics professor Tyler Cowen recently spoke with fellow Bloomberg View columnist Matt Levine, who spends a lot of time thinking and writing about the future of finance and its intersection with technology. Here is a lightly edited version of their online chat.” 



5. US – Crowdfunding


A commercial research reporter plies its wares:

“Crowdfunding Market analysis report speaks about the manufacturing process. Crowdfunding market report analyses the market growth, Market trends, market overview & market forecast from 2017-2022. The process of Crowdfunding Industry is analysed thoroughly with respect three points, viz. raw material and equipment suppliers, various manufacturing associated costs (material cost, labour cost, etc.) and the actual process.

The Crowdfunding market report elaborates the industry overview. Various definitions and classification of the industry, applications of the industry and chain structure are given. Present day status of the Crowdfunding industry in key regions is stated and industry policies and news are analysed.”

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