News Briefing - Crowdfunding, SME And Alternative Finance

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1. UK - Equity / P2P

Crowdstacker, the Herfordshire based business peer-to-peer lender , has passed its fundraising target of £800,000 on Seedrs. Peer2Peer Finance News reports that firm exceeded its target on Seedrs by late morning on Wednesday. Around 300 investors bought.

CEO Karteek Patel told Peer2Peer Finance News  the funds raised will be used to develop their technology, recruit staff and expand Crowdstacker's marketing efforts.

Read the full story:on Peer2Peer Finance News.

The story is also covered on Crowdfund Insider.

2. UK - Equity

Money Marketing reports on the increasing popularity of passive investing strategies, or tracker funds. The article highlights Syndicate Room's Fund Twenty8 as a rare example of a passive fund that allowes investors oto put money into startup equity.

"Asset allocation is conducted by copying the investment decisions of private  'angel' investors... and venture capitalists, making the role of active mutual fund managers in asset allocation obsolete."

Syndicate Room chief investment officer James Sore told Money Marketing:  “Now we’re catering to the passive investors who prefer a portfolio approach to investing but don’t want to pay the hefty management fees that usually come with it. This new product offers a diversified portfolio for our investor community, while providing an even stronger route for companies to seek growth capital.”

More details on Money Marketing

Syndicate Room advises us that Fund Twenty8 is open to investors until 25th September

3. UK - Fintech

Prominent Fintech commentator Chris Skinner describes how the collapse of Lehman Brothers ten years ago started the rise of financial technology.

 "I personally think FinTech was bubbling away before the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) but, certainly, the GFC led to massive investment focus upon changing the system (almost $100 billion since 2010)."

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Here is a contrasting opinion on the same story, from Canada's CNBC.

4. UK - Fintech

Payments specialist Modulr is expanding after raising £10.5m. The firm has opened a new office in Edinburgh to take advantage of the city’s burgeoning fintech scene and grow its software engineering, customer support, risk and compliance, and finance teams.

The full story is reported on Scottish Business News Network

The story is also covered by Peer2Peer Finance News

5. US - Fintech

Square, the San Francisco-based payment processor founded by Twitter's Jack Dorsey, might start acting more like a bank than a peer-to-peer payment app .

According to Yahoo Finance UK, "The payment company is considering lots of ideas like saving products and a way to let customers trade stocks, Square Chief Financial Officer Sarah Friar said at Recode's annual Code Commerce conference in New York Tuesday.

"Anything you do today with a bank account, you should look to the Cash App to begin to emulate more and more of that."

6. International - Crowdfunding

A foldable electric bike made in Copenhagen has set a new record for the biggest crowdfunding raise in Europe.

Danish brother and sister Christian Adel Michael, 29, and Julie Kronstrøm, 40,  raised the equivalent of £7.6 million or $10 million in two months. 

You can read the story on StoryTrender

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