News Briefing - Crowdfunding, SME And Alternative Finance

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1. UK - Equity

Crowdcube recently announced that it had passed the milestone of more than a hundred firms that have crowdfunded £1 million or more on the site.

Now Growth Business has compiled a list of the hundred businesses, which come from a wide range of sectors.

Crowdcube says "venture capital firms are now investing alongside Crowdcube members."

Read the full list, and commentary, on Growth Business.

2. UK - Fintech

Accountancy and management consultancy firm KPMG expresses concerns that the Financial Conduct Authority's regulation in the UK may be excessively intrusive.
A new report, entitled, “The future shape of UK FS regulation: Rule taker or rule maker?”, claims that regulators are introducing new requirements to cover a different and wider range of firms.
“Striking a balance between encouraging innovation and mitigating the risks is already proving difficult,” said KPMG.

3. UK - Alt-Fi

Capify, an alternative finance provider based in Altrincham, Chershire, is celebrating ten years in business and making big plans for the future.

Founded during the credit crunch in 2008, the firm has defied the odds to help almost 10,000 SMEs and retailers to raise funding, delivering much needed access to working capital.

The company intends to drive another £125 million into the UK SME market over the next few years.

Coverage of Capify in Business Manchester

Coverage of Capify in Insider Media

4. UK - EIS / VCT

A provocative opinion piece about investments that come under the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Venture Capital Trust (VCT) tax arrangemts. Jack Rose is head of tax-efficient products at LightTower Partners, and he says "investors are living in interesting times" We hope that isn't a euphemism.

Mr Rose will be one of more than 30 experts speaking at the inaugural PA360 North adviser conference,  on 17 October. 

Read the full article on Professional Adviser, where there is also a link to obtain tickets for the event.

5. UK - Entreprenurship

Innovate Finance has launched a new diversity programme,  led by the Women in FinTech Initiative.

More about this story on Crowdfund Insider.

This story is also covered on Peer2Peer Finance News.

6. International - P2P Lending

We've known for some time now that the Chinese government has been trying to rein in the country's popular, and largely unregulated peer-to-peer lending market. 

Peer-to-peer lending became popular in China and has attracted 50 million savers. But there have been difficulties, and street protests. More than 400 such lending platforms collapsed from June to August 2018, and an estimated 4,000 people lost up to US$117 million as a result of the failure of one platform called PPMiao.

Now, a report in the Hong Kong press suggests that the number of platforms will be reduced from 1,800 to fewer than 200. We hope that's enough to satisfy demand.

Read the original story in the Hong Kong Standard.