News Briefing - Crowdfunding, SME And Alternative Finance

Construction workers eat lunch 200 feet up in the air.


P2P Finance News reports:

“ISA SAVERS will have to earn a minimum annual return of 1.84 per cent in order to ensure that their savings can keep up with the rate of inflation, according to a new study by Assetz Capital.

The peer-to-peer business lender has created a new ISA calculator which will help savers and investors to find out exactly how much they can earn through the tax-free wrapper.

Savers in the basic, higher and additional rate tax bands who invest the full £20,000 allowance into an ISA this tax year will need to guarantee a minimum rate of 1.84 per cent to beat inflation.

Non-ISA savers who invest the same amount of money in a non-ISA wrapper will need to earn 2.3 per cent if they are basic rate taxpayers, or 3.34 per cent if they are in the additional rate tax bracket.

However, Assetz pointed out that the average one-year fixed rate ISA was returning just 1.35 per cent in January 2019, meaning that most cash savers are set to lose money in real terms.”

2. UK – P2P/Real Estate

The Business Desk reports on alternative property finance methods:

“An Altrincham firm is proving that alternative funding lines are just as effective in the property market as traditional sources. The House Crowd is a peer-to-peer lending platform that specialises in helping people invest in secured bridging and property development loans. Based in Hale, The House Crowd is currently funding the development of more than 200 properties across the North West, all of which are crowdfunded. The majority of the properties are developed by the company’s own development arm, House Crowd Development.”


3. International – AltFi


Business Insider India reports:


  • Google just announced the 10 startups that have been shortlisted for the second calls of its Launchpad Accelerator program in India.
  • All of the startups on the list have used artificial intelligence and machine learning to formulate their products.


4. International – FinTech

BankingTech looks at the FinTech “revolution” in the Middle East.

“Technology today continues to evolve at lightning quick speed and, on a global level, is disrupting every aspect of the banking experience. Indeed, despite a common perception of the finance and banking sector as being one of the more traditional industries, it is undergoing a period of exponential change, driven by technological transformation and advancement.This is impacting every aspect of financial services industries across the world, most notably in its daily touch points with consumers. And it’s no different in Bahrain, where a rising fintech industry is enabling the introduction of brand-new services, as well as the enhancing of existing offerings.”


5. International – P2P


Caixin Global cites a “crisis” in China’s P2P industry, and calls for regulation.