News Briefing - Crowdfunding, SME And Alternative Finance

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today's SME, AltFi and FinTech briefing:

1.UK – P2P

GLI Finance, not noted for its fine decision making, takes a view on the P2P sector.

2. UK – P2P / IFISA

Moneyfacts releases research showing that Cash ISA providers are blocking transfers out to non-cash ISAs, including IFISAs.


“INVESTORS are being prevented from transferring money from investment ISAs into some cash ISAs, with experts warning that this could result in them taking unwanted risks.

Analysis from Moneyfacts shows that there are 55 fixed-rate cash ISA products, out of 232 on the market, that will not allow transfers from stocks and shares ISAs, up from 38 in 2017. This restriction typically applies to Innovative Finance ISAs (IFISAs) as well.”

3. UK – AltFi


Starling Bank claims to be challenging its way to imminent profitability.

4. UK – FinTech


The FCA decides not to regulate Bitcoin and/or crytpocurrencies.

5. International – FinTech


Crowdfundinsider reports international deliberation on the regulation of Crypto Trading Platforms (CTPs).