News Briefing - Crowdfunding, SME And Alternative Finance

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1.UK – AltFi

Lending Times looks at the alt credit market.

2. UK – AltFi

The Standard reports that LCF bondholders will get 25 per cent at best, and have a long wait.

3. UK – P2P

Hires at LendingCrowd.

4. US – FinTech

AME Info says many crypto trades are fake and the market is rigged.

5. US – FinTech

Facebook’s Libra token marches on, unabashed.

“After kicking up an unprecedented uproar from global regulators, Facebook appears to be pressing on full steam with development of Libra, the company’s proposed global cryptocurrency network.

Facebook has now announced a “bug bounty” program that “reflects the Libra Association’s principles of openness, transparency, and global access.”

In the program, the company is soliciting free audits of Libra testnest code from independent coders.

Regarding the bug bounty program’s ‘rewards,’ Facebook says, “Payouts will scale up to $10,000 for critical issues on the testnet.”