Team Kano Talk The Talk

Journalism-by-list was popularised decades ago by The Sunday Times, whose rich list is still (for some) an annual must-read.

Crowdfunding has its list-journalism too. In this blog for The Guardian’s Digital Entrepreneur Hub, Alex Klein and Yonatan Raz-Fridman discuss how to succeed with a crowdfunding campaign. Alex and Yonatan are the founders of Kano, the computer that you build yourself, which was a hugely popular crowdfunded project that came to market successfully in 2013. “Crowdfunding might just become FTSE 2.0 – a place where any inventor, big or small, can appeal to the world for a bit of money and bring an audacious idea to life,” they say.

FTSE 2.0? That’s a pleasingly techie way of putting it!