The Highest Valuations Are Not The Best

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Equity crowdfunders are delighted when their raise succeeds, but investors expect to see a fair return for their money. Luke Davis  of IW Capital argues the industry needs to change its ways and focus on finding better details for investors.

Another Crowd believes small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)  are proof positive that crowdfunding is not a fad, but is a real social change that returns market capitalism to its 18th and 19th century roots by giving investment back the human dimension. Britain's small businesses have real needs, and whoever funds their expansion will see real returns. But growth is not a magic trick.

Flaws In US P2P Lenders' Business Models

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The financial press is asking difficult questions about US marketplace lenders' business models. Are Wall Street's favourites heading for a fall? What does that mean for the UK peer-to-peer lenders?

Another Crowd unpicks the Financial Times' 'doomsday extrapolations' and concludes the typical British SME could teach America's banking sector a few lessons in how to run a business.