TV Sitcom Asks the Crowd

Raised by Wolves cast photo and Kickstarter announcement

A popular TV programme has decided to raise money from crowdfunding to make a third series, after Channel Four declined to re-commission it.  Is this the start of a trend?

We've already seen companies like Wet Zebra and Unbound do it with books, so why shouldn't the crowd replace TV commissioning?

Transparency In Equity Crowdfunding

A window with rain on it is hard to see through

Who is responsible for transparency in equity crowdfunding? asks a piece in Thursday's CityAM.

We're shocked. You might as well ask: who is responsible for information?

A variety of people in the business - entrepreneurs, platforms, investors - are responsible for collecting information and publishing it. Everybody is responsible for filtering information and evaluating it. And transparency describes a market in which deals are done between people who all have access to the best quality information.

Lord Turner's Mea Culpa

Lord Turner in white, speaking at a lectern

Peer-to-peer lending's fiercest critic has decided that alternative finance might be good for society after all. To those among us who thought he was also p2p's worst informed critic, this is something akin to the Vatican conceding that Galileo was right about the earth going around the sun.  The damage won't be repaired until his new message reaches the people who were frightened away by the old one.

Growing Businesses, Growing our Economy

"young woman offers you a juicy apple

The UK’s entrepreneurial ecosystem cannot survive without entrepreneurial success, otherwise the rewards of being an entrepreneur and the returns on investing in start-ups remain insufficient. Over the last decade the UK has experienced the first crucial act – a start-up revolution. The second act will need to be a scale-up revolution."

- Sherry Coutu, chair of the Scale-Up Institute, from the Foreword.