Crowd Regulator Will Make Changes To Protect Investors

A crowd of people held within two giant hands

The Financial Conduct Authority has published what it calls 'interim feedback' on its continuing consulation about the rules for crowdfunding, and whether they could be improved.

A lot of the responses we've seen around the web in the first few hours use the word 'crackdown'. It's not a word  we would use ourselves, and we are unable to find it in the FCA's press release or on their website . So we'd like to advise our readers of some things you might not have heard elsewhere:

Goldilocks Is Hungry

blue bowl of porridge with spoon

The economy is too hot! The economy is too cold! The easiest story to write about crowdfunding and alternative finance  is the "something has changed, and it's all going wrong."  But Goldilocks is hungry. She's a growing girl, and she needs her porridge.

Investing In British Film With EIS Tax Breaks

Kenneth Branagh as Henry V

Investing in films can be risky, but Stephen Evans, understands the risks better than most people How many people can you name who have 'stockbroker' and 'BAFTA Award Winner' on their resume?

Mr Evans made his first investment in film in the late eighties, when he backed Kenneth Branagh to make Shakespeare's Henry V. His latest project is a film about footballer George Best.